Our mission is to equip the church and extend the kingdom relationally. We see this demonstrated in the Trinity as they beautifully model relationship for us. Because of this, we also place high value on relationships locally as a family and regionally as a community of believers demonstrating and declaring the kingdom of God.

Some Important Aspects of our Mission Statement include:

Blessing our local body by:
Placing a strong emphasis on the presence of God in prayer and worship.
Training and encouraging personal Christian growth and intimacy with Christ.
Encouraging the outworking of the 5-fold ministries (apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching) within the church.
Equipping people to do the work of the kingdom.
Adhering to the law of love and not the love of law.

Blessing our region by:
Covering it with intercessory prayer.
Supporting activities with other Christians in our community.
Encouraging Christian leaders in unity and relationship.
Serving and sowing into other ministries and initiatives.
Encouraging the demonstration of the kingdom in all levels of society.
Hosting community and regional events.

Blessing the nations by:
Giving apostolic oversight to current initiatives.
Undergirding current initiatives with intercessory prayer
Using kingdom principles and marketplace tools for spiritual multiplication.
Giving financially to bring kingdom increase.