In 1992 three couples (Dennis & Agnes Penner; Ray & Chris Quinn and Jim & Karen Clarke) and their families gathered together to pray and seek God.  They were trying to discern if it was God’s will to form a fellowship of believers. They sensed His heart for them would be to model the pattern they had seen biblically in the New Testament.  Their role as a church would be the advancement of the kingdom of God. God’s answer to their prayer and the Holy Spirit’s leading was to begin meeting on a regular basis, with Salt and Light Ministries providing oversight.

The name, Durham Christian Fellowship (DCF), was chosen as they sensed that their local church sphere would eventually extend into the Durham Region.

Recent ministry has introduced an apostolic vision as being part of their mission which includes being a part of The Ripple Network, which is led by Kenn and Cheryl Gill.  DCF’s desire is for the five-fold ministry (Eph. 4: 10-13) to be functioning in their church body, encouraging and maturing the whole body of Christ.